Life Cycle Assessment

With Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we can find out how a product, process, or service affects the environment. Your company can make a sustainability strategy with the LCA. Moreover, we could help you out to conduct a sustainability report. As a matter of fact, we consider the standardized sustainable report being the natural part of business and economic report.

Principles of LCA

Most of environmental impacts are considered as cradle to cradle or cradle to grave principle. With Life cycle assessment you can explain how your product or service impacts the environment. You may have existing sustainable features in your operation. With LCA we become aware of the sustainable products or services. Hence LCA can have an effect on consumers that they would choose sustainable products.

We use ISO 1440 standard.

Decision making in corporate or in public sector

Recognize your sustainability issues which are relevant to your business by attracting customers, stakeholders, partners, employees and possibly the local community. LCA can be used for decision-making models to choose the best possible scenario for sustainable business. You probably need to conduct a sustainability report.

Carbon, water or environmental footprint


What is the carbon footprint of your service or product anyway? Can it be decreased or become even carbon neutral? How about water footprint of our valuable product?How much is the quantity of nature it takes to build or grow your items for sales? This is called ecological footprint.

Circular economy

In circular economy we extend the lifetime the value of products and resources. Circular economy is one of the key points of European policy making. It may be part of our everyday life already but needs to be enhanced and implemented more so. We help you to make a strategy of circular economy. With this strategy you can make a differencet to your competitors.

Material Assesment


Do not hesitate to develop your materials and production methods to become more sustainable, responsible and transparent. What means biodegradable or compostable anyway? How about biodegredable plastic? Is bio-based sound and appropriate? What are impact of mining of metals?

Sustainability reporting

We carry out sustainability reporting for you. It is very important that you customers and partners are aware of your responsible actions.